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Ostricare Hi-Grains is a delicious and nutritious multigrain beverages that is formulated with 18 premium multigrain. Hi-Grains offers 2 unique flavors:


Cranberry & Collagen
Beauty Restored

Hi-Grains Cranberry & Collagen is specially formulated for restoring both health and beauty. The unique formulation of cranberry extracts, fish collagen, rose powder, gingko and astaxanthin provides high antioxidants that combats aging and restore beauty.

Furthermore cranberry and rose powder can reduce risk of urinary tract infection and relieve period pain respectively. Making this product perfect for maintaining women's health.  Note: not suitable for pregnant women to consume.


Hi-Grains Cranberry USP pic-01.jpg


Hi-Grains Cranberry & Collagen is rich in antioxidants that protect, rejuvenate and restore our skin to it's youthful complexion.

Furthermore, it contains rose powder, beetroot and inulin to reduce risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) and relieve period pain. 



Hi-Grains Hojicha is the one and only multigrain drink with added Hojicha powder. Hojicha is made by gently roasting Japanese green tea leaves, the roasting process removed all traces of caffeine and produces a fragrant, nutty aroma.


Formulated with 18 other nutrients such as almond, malt, and brown rice, Hojicha offers unique health benefits such as boosting metabolism and promoting good gut health. 


Ostricare-Cranberry & Hojicha(Web-Benefits)-2_edited.jpg


Hi-Grains is the only multigrain drink in Malaysia that contains Hojicha (Japanese roasted green tea leaves) powder, a popular drink in Japan with unique health benefits!

Customer Review - Cranberry & Collagen

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I Don't Feel Hungry!

I have been consuming Hi-Grains as my 'lunch' replacement for a week, surprisingly it keeps me feeling full for hours, not much of craving anymore haha! With lesser calorie intake, I'm less guilty too. Beside being a meal replacement, it's a beverage that helps promoting digestion and maintain youthful skin, as it consists of 24 types of multigrain, probiotic and collagen too!

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 3.33_edited.jpg

Mey Gee

Skin Condition Improved


I have been drinking Hi-Grains for almost two weeks. I can generally see that my skin condition has improved. Another thing that I found out is that Hi-Grains has eased my constipation. I used to have severe constipation and unable to clear my guts for days. But now after drinking a cup of Hi-Grains everyday, I am able to clear my guts at least twice a day! 

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 6.07_edited.jpg

Katherine Kuan

My Secret To Stay Youthful

As we aged, our body starts to lose collagen. After trying out the new Ostricare Hi-Grains, I really feel that I have finally found the secret to slow down my aging process! I have been consuming one cup daily consecutively In the first week, the pores on my face have not only shrunk, my skin on the other hand is not as dry as before, giving me that bright dewy look even without make up on! 

Customer Review - Hojicha


What is the best time to drink Hi-Grains?

Hi-Grains can be consumed at any time of the day.  It is best to drink it in the morning as  our body can absorb more nutrients in the morning.

Is Hi-Grains halal certified?

Both Hi-Grains Hojicha and Hi-Grains Cranberry With Collagen is halal certified.

Is Hi-Grains suitable for vegetarian?

Hi-Grains Hojicha is suitable for vegetarian to consume. Hi-Grains Cranberry With Collagen contains fish collagen which makes it not suitable for vegetarian.

How do I prepare Hi-Grains?

Mix three scoops of Hi-Grains into 150ml of water. Can be served in cold or hot water. For Hojicha it can last approximately 16 cups. For Cranberry with Collagen, it can last 20 cups.

Can people with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol drink Hi-Grains?

Hi-Grains contains phytonutrients which can reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Can pregnant women consume Hi-Grains?

Pregnant women can enjoy Hi-Grains Hojicha without any issue. We do not advise pregnant women to consume Hi-Grains Cranberry as according to Compendium of Materia Medica, rose powder is a stimulant that can improve blood circulation. Due to the effectiveness of the rose powder as a stimulant, we do not recommend pregnant women to consume Hi-Grains Cranberry.



My Choice of Breakfast Substitute

As an office worker, I tend to skip breakfast during morning rush hour. This is why I'm thankful for Hi-Grains because it is an easy and convenient breakfast substitute. Most importantly it is halal certified.


Yang Aida

Love, Love, LOVE The Taste! 

I'm not a big fan of cereals or grains but I'm so addicted to the taste of Hojicha. And I like the fact that Hojicha doesn't contain any caffeine, I can drink it at night!

Yen Chia.jpg

Yen Chia

Restore Energy & Stay Active

I love all kinds of fitness exercises such as cycling or yoga and Hi-Grains Hojicha truly helps me stay active by providing energy. I feel less tired and complete my regiment way easier than before if I drink a cup of Hi-Grains before my workout!



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