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Ostricare Hi-Grains is a delicious and nutritious multigrain beverage enriched with 8 different types of nutrients that can benefit your health and skin. Ostricare Hi-Grains were able to help improve one's appearance by helping with healthy weight loss and it also helps in improving our skin's condition.

Ostricare Hi-grains Cranberry with Collagen

SKU: Cranberry

    Hi-Grains Cranberry with collagen is formulated with 24 unique ingredients which restore youthful skin and promote women's health.


    Cranberry - Reduce the risk of contracting urinary tract infection. Also rich in Antioxidants.


    Collagen - Restore and repair skin collagen and elastin protein. Promote bouncy, hydrated skin.


    Rose Powder - Restore skin glow and promote blood circulation which can relief period pain.


    Astaxanthin - High in antioxidants that combats aging and prevent skin cell damage.




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